Thursday Night - at St Margaret's!

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

This Thursday, we are NOT in the Dagda - at first, anyway, but will be at St M's again for torchball making from 6ish.

St Margaret's House aka the Art's Com?lex (where the open Meeting and Exhibition were) is on London Road (at 151 to be precise: EH7 6AE - one stop past Meadowbank stadium)

Google Maps:

I don't know which room we'll be in, but I'll leave a note by the ground floor (London Rd entrance) sign-in book. (If you're coming by car, ask Jim, Lizzie or John how to get to the basement entrance and car park). I'll also be checking the front door every so often to see if anyone has arrived and not managed to get in (or you could phone John or me on our mobiles (see email).

If we make the torchball target for the night - or run out of materials - we'll head back to the Dagda: I'm guessing we'll be there by the back of nine. Again, feel free to phone if you think we may be finished before you can get to St M's.

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