Saturday Trip to Roslin

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

This Saturday Jim, and maybe Zeke, are taking us for a walk in Roslin Glen - this will be an attempt at catching some of the flavour of the away weekend for those who can't make it - but is great fun for those who can, too.

There's a 15 bus that leaves Tollcross at 12.20 or so (from opposite Lochrin Place on Home Street), that would be good to catch - that gets us to the Roslin Inn, where we'll meet Jim, for 1pm (Sorry, Jim - couldn't remember if I said noon, 1pm or 2pm last night, so went for the middle one).

If anyone's travelling separately, let us know, and we'll meet you at the Inn (it's the "Original Rosslyn Hotel" one, not the other). Then we'll go for our wander, and afterwards we'll return to the Inn before bussing back into town.

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