Next "Hill" practice

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

Our next meeting on Calton Hill will be on Sunday 11 March. Please be at the corner of the car park nearest the cannon ready for a 2pm start. If you can't make this Sunday, please let us know. This is the second introductory practice (you don't need to come to this one if you came to last week's Sunday practice). We intend to cover:

  • Introduction - who's who
  • Beltane orientation - what's what
  • A walk around the Hill - where's where

If there's time, we will then start on the basics of moving in a group

This is all stuff you will need whether you're going to end up as a torchbearer or a steward.

We'll finish up with a quick runthrough of what we're going to cover the next time, and what we'll need to cover outside of the Thursday and Sunday regular slots.

Then, off to the Regent for a well-earned glass!

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