Upcoming events

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

This is from last year

As well as the pub meeting in the Dagda on Thursday from 7 or so and the practice on Calton Hill at 2pm on Sunday, there are two other events coming up that may well be of interest. These are the Spring Equinox Party and the DVD night.

Spring Equinox Party

Come to the City Cafe on Blair Street, from 8pm on Saturday 19 March

celebrate, bring your friends, all are welcome! Performers include

  • The Processional Drummers,
  • The Beasties,

and more to be confirmed...

DVD Night

Come to the Forest Cafe 6.30pm-8.30pm on Thursday 24 March

Showing of a DVD of a previous Beltane starts at 7pm

Watch the whole thing from the start on the Acropolis right through to the end at the bonfire and bower - a great chance to see what you're letting yourselves in for, or what you'd be missing by not being there!

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