Busy week

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

Summary of what's to come: please look at the Calendar pages for details.

  • Today - last "proper" Hill practice, 1.45 by corner of Observatory wall near cannon.
  • Monday - cloakmaking (contact Jim for details)
  • Tuesday - torchballs (plan is to meet at St Margaret's about 6.30 so we can start you off before the organisers' meeting)
  • Wednesday - "walk in the dark": it's a Moonless night, so a good time to see what the Hill will be like on the Night (apart from the crowds). Sunset is 8.12pm, so meet in car park at 8, perhaps.
  • Thursday - "Not Being Hit" - Hill practice with White: meet 7pm SHARP. This is VERY important.
  • Friday - start of Away Weekend, which lasts until Sunday: see email for details.
  • Sunday - First Walkthrough (all-Beltane practice). On Hill straight after return from Away Weekend. We don't have an official start time yet, but we'll need an hour or so for practice first, so if it's a 2pm walkthrough, we'll want to be there for 12.30: you cannot take part on the Night without having been on the right number of Walkthroughs.

Finally, please keep an eye on email and the web site for more info and updates....

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