UPDATE: Meadows Practice and Fast Track training

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

3pm for Fast track stewards, 4pm for everyone else.

Followed by:

Note Changes Below

  • 4.40pm - Health and Safety briefing: a legal requirement to ensure that everyone knows what to do if anything should go wrong on the night. All performers (and yes, stewards and torchbearers are performers) in the event must attend one of these.
  • Fire Safety: The torchbearers will be testing how well the torch balls burn - stewards will get a chance to put them out!
  • 6.00pm - Walk Through (you must come to at least one of these, two is better): This will start from the Castle Esplanade and follow the procession route down to Parliament Square by St Giles' Cathedral
  • And rest....

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