Torchball making session

Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 1969

I can confirm that the first Torchball making session is going to be this coming Wednesday, the 10th of October.

This will take place at the Beltane office from 7pm - no earlier as we have no access to the building before then.

We will have all the materials so you won't need to bring anything, although if you have some sort of cutting tool then do bring it. Box cutters are ideal, steak knifes and machetes less so.

The Beltane office is at 4b Gayfield Place, EH7 ? 4AB and is located around the top of Leith Walk.

Please do try and be on time - we don't have access to the building prior to 7pm and there will be an orginisers meeting starting shortly after 7, so time is of the essence.

If anyone needs directions then please give me a call on 07932539630 and above all, have fun!



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