What We Wear

Beneath the costume (cloaks for Neidfire bearers?, tabards for torchies and bibs for stewards, we all wear pretty much the same:

  • Dark coloured (black for preference) clothes made from natural fibres (artificial fabric doesn't take up fire retardant very well, and has been known to melt onto people when it burns). Layers are good: it can be pretty cold on the Hill.
  • "Sensible shoes" or boots - you'll be on your feet almost all night.
  • Gloves (more essential for torchies)
  • Earplugs (especially if you're beside the Processional Drummers)

As with all performers, the following should be avoided:

  • Any hairspray or hair product — almost all are flammable
  • Contact lenses
  • As noted above, artificial fabrics, especially when worn against the skin (no nylon tights!)