Samhuinn 2008

2008's Samhuinn celebration consisted of, as usual, a procession from the Castle Esplanade, down the Royal Mile to a stage set up at Parliament Square. At the stage, the forces of summer and winter did battle... no prizes for guessing who won!

A slight difference in plot meant that the Summer and Winter Kings were the Cailleach's sons, rather than her consorts. Also, the battle between the two Kings was excised — instead, the Summer King was betrayed and murdered by the Winter King.

The TorchBearers took a more central role in the performance in 2008 than in past years. Because of this, their numbers were reduced to 12, and twice as many practice sessions were held than in 2007. An impressive set of costumes were also made, described by one youngmember of the crowd as 'scary'. Organisers were Oscar and Graham.

The Stewards fulfilled their usual functional role of keeping the public separated from performers. Organisers were Spud and Ellie.