Fire Retardant Spray

This is provided for free by the Beltane Fire Society to Nightwatch for safety reasons. All outer clothing - which must only ever be of natural materials, as artificial fabrics can melt and stick - should be 'fireproofed' with fire retardant at least 24 hours prior to the performance. Special fireproofing sessions are usually organised for this purpose — often on the same day as the walk-throughs.

It is important to recognise that 'fireproofed' clothing is merely less likely to catch fire — a person wearing fire retardant is not invulnerable to flame! All clothing should be only lightly sprayed with fire retardant, not doused with it, and hung up to dry afterwards. (Clothing still wet with fire retardant can be more, not less, flammable).

One exception to the 'outer clothing' rule is leather jackets, which are naturally fire resistent, and (for this reason or otherwise) quite popular with the Nightwatch.