Face Paint

Face or body paint is rather crucial to Beltane. Indeed, some groups are named for their colour of paint - and guard it jealously: you may see Fire Point? performers in red paint, but it's not Red Man? red, and while both Air Point? and Water Point? may use blue, it's not Blue Man? blue. I don't know about Earth Point? and Green Man? green. In the past, though, torchies and stewards have had some Blue Man blue in their pattern: symbolising the assistance they lend in spectator management.

The traditional colour for torchies is black, but with the addition of a contrasting colour, (not white, because the Processional Drummers? use black and white). That said, one year the torchies had maroon and silver face paint - along with papier mache facemasks in the same colour on the backs of their hoods (NB: silver, or other metallic, facepaint is a bad idea - it seems to get quite hot quite quickly). In recent years, the face paint has been yellow on black. See also: Torchie Facepaint.

Stewards' facepaint has historically been more variable: in some years it was decided that since it is easier to deal with the public with a face that's not completely disguised, the paint scheme should involve a "domino" eyemask. Recently, however, the choice has been for full-on facepaint — usually blue and black, and coordinated with the torchies.