Beltane Fire Festival videos

Here are some links to Beltane Fire Festival videos in a vaguely chronological order. Return to the welcome page for more of the Night Watch wiki.


9:00, Fantastic overview of the whole shebang.

5:01, Drum Club, Beasties

1:01, Second Mound busk

1:07, Second Mound busk

6:59, Acropolis

1:23, Acropolis

0:53, Procession approaching Fire Arch

1:36, Fire arch performance

0:15, Fire arch performance

0:16, Procession leaving Fire Arch

4:57, Red Men fooling around

1:10, More Red

0:23, More Red

1:40, Fire Point

0:35, Fire Point

0:44, Fire Point

2:03, Red charge

1:28, Red charge

1:56, Procession leaving Red Man point

1:57, Procession leaving Red Man point

0:59, Air Point on the Acropolis

2:36, Procession between stage and bonfire

4:44, Bonfire from afar, some stage, police

0:20, Stage

4:03, Some Air on the Acropolis, mainly the Bower. Captions = wut?


5:46, That Gaelic language STV clip with the mini-fake-Beltane shots

7:25, Mound busk

6:52, Mound busk

1:07, Trailer for Beltane Fire Festival 2008 DVD

5:29, Acropolis, Fire Arch, Air Point, Bonfire

0:21, On the Acropolis

1:33, Procession between the Acropolis and Fire Arch, Christians

1:36, Procession between the Acropolis and Fire Arch

0:06, Fire Arch

8:39, Earth Point, Fire Point, first Red charge

2:35, Fire Point

0:22, Fire Point

1:05, Procession

0:32, Procession


0:30, Beltane Fire Point training session on top of Calton Hill

9:59, Crowds, procession at the fire arch, firepoint, the stage

5:33, Crowds, Photo Point, Acropolis, Fire Arch, Red Men awakening and being Red, Red Men just before the charge.

0:05, Very short and audio-less clip of the Acropolis

2:00, Acropolis

2:58, Acropolis, procession at the fire arch(?), bonfire

0:42, Procession just before fire arch(?)

13:42, "The firepoint performance for the Beltane Fire Festival, April/May 2007 on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Filmed by Sonya Hallett. ... this is a reduced-quality version for the internet. Hopefully the dvd version has better resolution"

0:17, Fire Point

0:15, Fire Point

3:09, Fire Point, photo slideshow

0:45, Red Men, Red Guard & Beasties, starting the charge.

0:29, Red Men and Beasties

2:18, Red Men and Beasties

1:31, Bonfire (are those actually BFS peeps?)

0:51, Reds on the stage, bonfire

0:21, Bonfire just after being lit

0:12, Drummers and Reds at the bonfire

0:17, Drummers and Reds at the bonfire

0:54, Processional drummers at bonfire.

1:12, Fire Point performing at the stage, bonfire in background.

0:29, Procession moving towards the Bower with elemental points.


3:20, Acropolis with Torchies, White Women, Bummers and the May Queen

1:28, "Time-Lapse in the Meadows, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006. Chloe from Beltane organisation helped Fenfire with a little character workshop in the Meadows to help us get into spirit of Beltane Fire Festival. Afterwards Fenfire did a juggling/acrobatics workshop in the meadows."

0:27, "Short (4-hour) Time-Lapse taken on Calton Hill before the Beltane Fire Festival."

  • Four short videos are available for download here.


2:20, Puppets, Red Men, Fire Point


"To celebrate this years 20th anniversary of the fire festival this VHS archive film is from 1996."